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  • falafel

    n. The deep-fried chick pea ball itself.

  • farbaysn

    n. Snacks.

  • farbissiner

    adj. Embittered, sullen, mean.

  • farblondzhet

    adj. Rosten: "Lost...mixed up, wandering about without any idea of where you are." Can refer to being physically or intellectually lost.

  • farbreng

    v. To spend or pass time.

  • farbrengen

    n. A gathering or celebration that includes a spiritual or religious component.

  • farbrente

    adj. Fiery, devout, fervent [lit. 'burning'].

  • farchadat

    adj. "Dizzy, confused, dopey, 'punchy.'" (Rosten)

  • farfel

    n. A side dish including bits of noodle, often sauteed with vegetables and beef or chicken stock.

  • farfufket

    adj. Befuddled, taken aback, disoriented, confused.

  • farher

    n. An oral examination, typically on one's understanding of Talmud.

  • faribel

    adj. To have a grievance, to be aggrieved.

  • farkakte

    adj. "Lousy, messed up, ridiculous." (JPS)

  • farmisht

    adj. Mixed up, confused, crazy.

  • farshteyst

    interj. "Do you understand?"; "You got that?".

  • farshtunken(e)

    adj. Literally 'stinking' (Rosten); contemptible.

  • fartootst

    adj. "The state of being bewildered, disoriented, discombobulated; slightly more intense than tsedrayt." (Rosten)

  • fatootsed

    adj. Enervated, played out, knackered, terminally fatigued.

  • federation

    n. A local Jewish philanthropy which raises and distributes funds for social welfare, social services and educational needs in local communities and overseas, especially Israel.

  • feh

    interj. An expression of disgust; "portraying...negative feelings" (Rosten).

  • feigele

    n. Gay man.

  • fershnickered

    adj. Drunk, intoxicated, extremely drunk.

  • fertig

    interj. Done! Often an exclamation of relief or accomplishment immediately after completing a task or chore.

  • FFB

    n., adj. Short for "frum from birth." Refers to someone who grew up in a religious home, the opposite of a BT (ba'al teshuvah) who became religious as an adult.

  • FFT

    n., adj. 'Frum from Tuesday' - a satire on 'FFB'. Denotes a very recent BT, usually someone who has not mastered the rituals / social cues of Orthodox practice.

  • fleishig

    adj. "The general term for food in the meat category, according to the Jewish dietary laws." (JPS)

  • flexidox

    adj. Halachically observant but in a flexible way. Reflecting the original intent and spirit of Orthodoxy, rather than the superficial details.

  • flik

    v. To pluck feathers (e.g., from a chicken).

  • flip out

    v. When a Modern Orthodox post-high-school student becomes more religiously observant during or after a gap year at a yeshiva/seminary.

  • fluden

    n. Log-shaped pastry stuffed with apricot preserves, chopped dates, walnuts, and raisins.

  • flus

    n. Money.

  • forshpayz

    n. "Appetizers." (JPS)

  • forshpil

    n. An Ashkenazi custom of entertaining the bride on the Sabbath afternoon or evening preceding the wedding.

  • four questions

    pl. n. A song, comprised of a question and four answers to it, that is sung/recited (traditionally by the youngest child present) at the Pesach seder.

  • frei

    v. (With the particle "out") to become non-religious, "go off the derekh."

  • freilach

    adj. Happy, merry.

  • fress

    v. To gobble up food; to gorge oneself. "To eat quickly or noisily, like an animal." (JPS)

  • fresser

    n. Big eater, "pig". "A heavy eater." (JPS)

  • from strength to strength

    (sentence) Phrase of blessing used on momentous occasions.

  • from your mouth to God's ears

    (sentence) Response to a good wish or blessing that mentions future events: I want that to happen, but I'm not sure it will.

  • frosk

    n. A slap.

  • frum

    adj. Religious; observant; Orthodox.

  • frumkeit

    n. Jewish religiosity, frum-ness.

  • futz

    v. Waste time (usually "futz around").