• adj. Halachically observant but in a flexible way. Reflecting the original intent and spirit of Orthodoxy, rather than the superficial details.

  • adj. Orthodox in spirit, flexible in practice; culturally rather than halachically Orthodox.

Example Sentences

  • "Esther Kustanowitz, a columnist who writes frequently on the Jewish community, says that 'a lot of flexidox Jews are people who would otherwise be called Conservadox, but they don’t like the ‘Conserva’ part since it’s an ideology that they may find distasteful.'" (source)

Languages of Origin

  • English


  • portmanteau: "flexible" and "Orthodox."

    • Who Uses This

      • Religious: Jews who are engaged in religious observance and have some Jewish education


      • North America


      • None

      Alternative Spellings



  • Also used in its noun form: flexidoxy. Apparently this term was first coined by Rabbi Gershon Winkler in 2003.

    See details about this term here: (source)

    and here:


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