20 random words retrieved

  1. 1

    Shemoneh Esrei

    another name for the Amida, the central prayer during Jewish services. [lit. 'eighteen', the number of blessings it originally had]

  2. 2


    jackass, donkey

  3. 3


    a complainer

  4. 4


    stories or explanations that interpret or ellaborate on the Torah's text.

  5. 5

    chadar ochel

    dining hall, dining room

  6. 6


    "...food in the "dairy" category, according to the Jewish dietary laws...also refers to the utensils and dishes used for cooking, eating, and serving milk products." (JPS)

  7. 7


    a naughty or nasty woman; a bitch

  8. 8


    A yeshiva student, or a young man who learns in a kollel.

    A working person (non full time learner) who supports or is associated with Torah institutions

    A young married male.

  9. 9


    Synagogue, Syrian word for 'shul'

  10. 10

    De carne

    Meaty / fleshing

  11. 11

    Avodah b'gashmiut

    serving God through the physical / material world (Hasidic concept)

  12. 12


    nickname for Ashkenazi Jews

  13. 13


    literally, to guard. can be short for "shomer shabbat" (keeps the laws of sabbath); for "shomer negia" (keeps the laws prohibiting members of the opposite sex from touching before marriage)

  14. 14

    hot dairy (out) / cold dairy (out)

    a standard of kashrut held by some non-Orthodox Jews, which allows certain foods but not others to be eaten in non-kosher restaurants; "cold dairy" refers to unheated non-meat products such as a bagel with cream cheese, cold cereal, salads, or cottage cheese, while "hot dairy" refers to cooked dishes containing vegetables, fish or dairy.

  15. 15

    marit ayin

    suspicious-looking action; doing something that may cause an observer to think that one violated halachah and thus arouse suspicion, or alternatively, doing something that could mislead somebody to interpret than an action is permitted and then violate halachah him/herself

  16. 16


    "sir"; "mister"

  17. 17


    "A Jewish community" (JPS)

  18. 18


    If only

    "Would that it be so" (Steinmetz, Yiddish and English)

    I wish!

  19. 19


    faith, trust


  20. 20


    verb: bore, pester, nag

    noun: pest, whiner