20 random words retrieved

  1. 1


    a piece of matzah from the Passover seder traditionally hidden by adults, found by the children (or vice versa), and then ransomed for gifts after the meal. "The last piece of matzoh...eaten at the meal." (Steinmetz)

  2. 2


    'of blessed memory', appended to the name of a dead person

  3. 3


    belt, which varies in width, but is worn over the outside of the pants or coat and often tied in a symbolic way, as to differentiate it from a regular belt. It is primarily used by Chassidic Jews (and a growing number of Litvaks) for prayer, or may be used for everyday wear over a long frock coat. It symbolically differentiates the heart from the loins.

  4. 4


    sweet brand of wine often used by American Jews for ritual purposes

  5. 5


    "Briefly or concisely: succinctly" (Weiser)

  6. 6


    adj: happy, merry

    noun: (frailach or freylekhs) a lively song/dance performed at simchas

  7. 7


    "Attention to the meaning, spirit, and purpose of words" (Weiser)


  8. 8


    An objective, often expressed in response to rising rates of interfaith marriage, to ensure that Judaism is transmitted from one generation to the next.

  9. 9



  10. 10


    The commission one receives for conducting a transaction, usually gambling or drug deals, but can also be used in day-to-day transactions.

  11. 11

    black hat

    Haredi; describing people or traditions of the right end of the Orthodox continuum, encompassing Hasidic and non-Hasidic (or just non-Hasidic) Orthodox Jews, of whom the men wear black hats

  12. 12


    Please sit.

  13. 13

    shana alef

    the post-high school gap year that young men and women spend studying at yeshivot and seminaries in Israel

  14. 14


    literally 'stinking' (Rosten); contemptible

  15. 15

    day school

    Jewish grade school, where students learn both Jewish and secular subjects. "The general name given to private Jewish schools" in the United States and Canada (JPS)

  16. 16


    a informal, festive gathering Friday night involving food, casual Torah study, Jewish songs, etc.

  17. 17


    a nobody

  18. 18

    lamah lo?

    "why not?"; "there's no reason not to.

  19. 19


    a verse, usually from the Torah

  20. 20


    "A fried fritter or latke, made of matzah meal and eggs, that may be stuffed with ground meat, nuts, or fruit. An old-fashioned Pesach recipe." (JPS Dictionary)