• v. To examine, test, quiz.

  • n. An oral examination, typically on one's understanding of Talmud.

  • n. An interrogation, examination.

Example Sentences

  • "Thousands of bochurim’s only personal interaction with Reb Nosson Tzvi was when he farhered (tested) them before being accepted into the Mir. Although the method changed lately, for decades the way to get into Yeshivas Mir was a through a farher by Reb Nosson Tzvi. The author of this piece experienced the farher, as well. What was clear was that the farher wasn’t simply a test to analyze or determine the potential bochur’s learning capabilities and worthiness for the Mir. The Rosh Yeshiva was able to farher the pnimiyus (depth of character) of a person." (source)

Languages of Origin

  • Yiddish


  • פֿאַרהערן farhérn 'to examine'; פֿאַרהער farhér 'interrogation, hearing; audition'

    • Who Uses This

      • Orthodox: Jews who identify as Orthodox and observe halacha (Jewish law)
      • Older: Jews who are middle-aged and older
      • Ashkenazim: Jews with Ashkenazi heritage


      • North America
      • Great Britain
      • South Africa


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      • Frumspeak: The First Dictionary of Yeshivish, by Chaim Weiser (Northvale, 1995).

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