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  • a nechtiker tog

    Not on your life!

  • Adonai

    "Literally, 'my Lord', another word for God." (JPS)

  • Adoshem


  • aleichem sholom

    Peace be upon you. Response to "sholom aleichem"

  • aleph-bet

    "A name for the Hebrew alphabet" (JPS)

  • alte kaker

    elderly person, old-timer [literally "old shitter"] "A crotchety, fussy, ineffectual old man." (Rosten)

  • am haaretz

    Bumpkin, ignoramus, uneducated person

  • amen

    Agreed. "The word used at the end of prayer to signify affirmation." (Rosten)

  • apikoros

    heretic, non-believer, especially one with great knowledge of Judaism

  • aroisgevorfene gelt

    "a waste of money"; lit., thrown out money.

  • Ashkenazi

    pl. Ashkenazim. "The name given to the group of Jews who were originally from Germany and France (and their descendants)... The Ashkenazim migrated to Central and Eastern Europe during times of oppression" (JPS).

  • Ashkenazic

    Adjectival form for 'Ashkenazim', "The name given to the group of Jews who were originally from Germany and France, and their descendants" (JPS)

  • averah

    religious transgression (Glinert: "An aveirah is an infringement on the Torah, the opposite of a mitzvah.")

  • bagel

    "A leavened, firm, doughnut shaped roll" (JPS)

  • balaboosta

    1) Female head of household 2) Impressively competent homemaker

  • balabos

    Male head of a household

  • balabotish

    "Quiet; respectable; well mannered" (Rosten). "middle class"; normal

  • bar mitzvah

    Jewish coming-of-age ceremony/celebration for a 13-year-old boy; the boy who has come of age.

  • batlan

    "Someone without a trade or regular means of livelihood" (Rosten).

  • beit din

    A rabbinical court of law that makes judgments on matters of Jewish religious life, especially conversion and divorce.