Alternative Spellings



  • Adjectival form for 'Ashkenazim', "The name given to the group of Jews who were originally from Germany and France, and their descendants" (JPS)

Example Sentences

  • "My family is Ashkenazi, we come from Poland. "

Languages of Origin

Textual Hebrew, Yiddish, English


Heb אשכנזי ashkenazí, from אשכנז ashkenaz '(Jewish) medieval Germany'; Yiddish אַשכּנזיש ashkenázish

Who Uses This

Jews: Jews of diverse religious backgrounds and organizational involvements


North America


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In the Bible, Ashkenaz was the first son of Gomer and great-grandson of Noah. "Ashkenazic" has also become a description of all Central and Eastern Eurpoean Jews and their descendants.

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