Alternative Spellings

Ashkenazee, Ashkenazim, Ashkenazis, Ashkenazees, Ashkenazeem


  • pl. Ashkenazim. "The name given to the group of Jews who were originally from Germany and France (and their descendants)... The Ashkenazim migrated to Central and Eastern Europe during times of oppression" (JPS).

Example Sentences

  • "Most Ashkenazim have a deep affinity for Ashkenazi food." (Glinert)
  • "Ashkenazim generally don't eat rice and legumes on Pesach, while Sephardim do." (JPS)

Languages of Origin

Textual Hebrew


אשכנזי ashkenazi 'from Ashkenaz' where "Medieval rabbis dubbed Germany Ashkenaz, after a passage in Jeremiah (51:27), and decided that after the Flood, one of Noah's great-grandsons, named Ashkenaz, had settled in Germany" (Rosten).

Who Uses This

Jews: Jews of diverse religious backgrounds and organizational involvements


North America


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