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  • broiges

    angry, annoyed (adj.)

  • chas v'sholom

    "heaven forbid" (Glinert)

  • cheder

    Hebrew and religious classes (often on Sundays) for elementary school children.

  • chutz la'aretz

    Outside of Israel; the disapora, lit. "outside the land."

  • Eretz Yisroel


  • g'mar chatima tova

    "A customary greeting among Jews on Yom Kippur [and the period between Yom Kippur and Rosh haShanah]" (JPS). lit. "a good end of [the process of] sealing [in the Book of Life]".

  • gelilah

    n. "Binding and bedecking of the Torah scroll[.]" (Glinert)

  • get

    a writ or deed of divorce

  • hagba

    n. The ceremonial raising of a Sefer Torah for all the congregation to see.

  • hesped

    eulogy, funeral oration

  • Hillel

    an organization for Jewish college life, especially in North America

  • Knesset

    Israel's parliament

  • kosher

    "acceptable according to Jewish [ritual] law" (JPS); "trustworthy, reliable" (Rosten); acceptable according to dietary laws

  • Maariv

    n. The Jewish evening prayer service.

  • madrich

    1. Youth counselor or supervisor 2. A teacher's assistant for elementary and middle schoolers during classes in religious schools.

  • mashke

    alcoholic beverage (typically vodka or whiskey)

  • Mincha

    n. The Jewish afternoon prayer service.

  • Mishnah

    an authoritative collection of exegetical material embodying the oral tradition of Jewish law and forming the first part of the Talmud

  • oleh

    Immigrant to Israel; a person who makes aliyah.

  • Purim

    A joyous holiday that takes place in February or March on the 14th of Adar, retelling the story of the Book of Esther.