• n. Uniform, standard expression.

  • n. A version, style (especially of liturgy).

Example Sentences

  • “Don't even ask the Mashgiach for reshus to go; he'll just turn you down with his usual nusach about how your place is in the yeshiva." (Weiser)

  • "As someone a non-chassid who davens nusach sefard I have experianced a range of reactions by others, from mild condescension to being told straight out “you are not yotzei tefilla” can anybody please provide me with some clarity on this important issue?" (source)

Languages of Origin

  • Textual Hebrew
  • Yiddish


  • TH נוסח 'formula' > Y נוסח nusekh

    • Who Uses This

      • Orthodox: Jews who identify as Orthodox and observe halacha (Jewish law)
      • Older: Jews who are middle-aged and older
      • Ashkenazim: Jews with Ashkenazi heritage


      • North America


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      • Dictionary of Jewish Usage: A Popular Guide to the Use of Jewish Terms, by Sol Steinmetz (Lanham, MD, 2005).

      Alternative Spellings

      nusakh, nusech, nusekh


  • Plural nusachos.

    Nusach Sepharad and nusach Ashkenaz are the two cultures' traditional liturgical styles.

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