achrayut (ach-rah-YOOT) listen
achrayus (akh-RYE-ihs) listen


  • n. "Answerability or accountability: responsibility." (Weiser)

  • n. "Obligation, financial or personal, to others: burden." (Weiser)

  • n. "The religious responsibility you have to improve or rectify a given situation." (source)

  • n. "Reliability resulting from a sense of responsibility: dependability." (Weiser)

Example Sentences

  • "Bli neder, I'll learn some Mishnayos, but I can't take achraius for anyone else." (Weiser)

  • "Ask him to prepare the leining; he has the most achraius." (Weiser)

  • "With all his other achraius, I wonder how the Rosh Yeshiva finds time to prepare for shiur." (Weiser)

  • "As Jews, we have an vote." (source)

Languages of Origin

  • Textual Hebrew
  • Yiddish


  • Heb. אַחֲרָיוּת acharayut 'responsibility (from אַחֲרַי acharai 'after me') > Yid. אַחריות akhrayes

    • Who Uses This

      • Orthodox: Jews who identify as Orthodox and observe halacha (Jewish law)


      • North America


      • Yiddish and English: A Century of Yiddish in America, by Sol Steinmetz (Tuscaloosa, 1986).
      • Frumspeak: The First Dictionary of Yeshivish, by Chaim Weiser (Northvale, 1995).

      Alternative Spellings

      akharoies, akharoyes, akharaies, akharaius, akharaiut, akharayes, akharayus, akharayut, akhroies, akhroyes, akhraies, akhraius, akhraiut, akhrayes, akhrayus, akhrayut, acharoies, acharoyes, acharaies, acharaius, acharaiut, acharayes, acharayus, acharayut, achroies, achroyes, achraies, achraius, achraiut, achrayes, achrayus


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