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  • anash

    members of the Hasidic community

  • Ashki

    nickname for Ashkenazi Jews

  • asifa


  • atzilut

    "the world of divine emanations" (Eisenberg & Scolnic)

  • atzmus

    the essence of G-d (in Kabbalah)

  • bat chayil

    Bat mitzvah, particularly a celebration in Orthodox communities that does not include services or reading from the Torah.

  • bekitzur

    "Briefly or concisely: succinctly" (Weiser)

  • bitul

    "contempt, disparagement" (Steinmetz)

  • broiges

    angry, annoyed (adj.)

  • bsari

    refers to foods that contain meat as well as utensils and dishes used to cook, serve, and eat meat

  • Chabad

    an outreach-oriented branch of Hasidic Judaism that follows the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Chabad has thousands of branches around the world, including at many college campuses.

  • chalavi

    refers to dairy foods as well as utensils and dishes used to cook, serve, and eat dairy products

  • chamishi

    the fifth aliyah

  • chas v'chalila

    "heaven forbid" (Steinmetz's Yiddish and English dictionary)

  • chas v'sholom

    "heaven forbid" (Glinert)

  • chatzi kaddish

    half kaddish: a prayer that praises God and occurs several times during services, marking the separation between different parts of the service.

  • cheder

    Hebrew and religious classes (often on Sundays) for elementary school children.

  • Chitas

    a daily study practice by Chabad including daily selections from the Chumash, Psalms, and the Tanya

  • chitzoni

    a person concerned with externalities

  • chumradik

    stringent, used to imply that a person is making the most strict halachic ruling, or follows additional restrictions in his or her practice