Torah shebe'al peh


Torah shebe'al peh (TAW-ruh sheh-beh-AHL PEH) listen


  • n. Oral Law; the commentaries and rabbinic explanations of the Torah that have been passed down from generation to generation (in contrast with the Written Law) and were codified in the Mishnah.

Example Sentences

  • "The Talmud (Temura 14b) records that at a certain point in history, the Rabbis felt that there was a serious concern that the insistence on observing this point of law could possibly cause much of the Oral Law to be forgotten, so they permitted the transmitting of the Torah Shebe’al Peh from a written text." (source)

  • "The third grade gets three hours Chumash (Five Books of Moses) and one hour Torah she-be'al peh." (Glinert)

Languages of Origin

  • Textual Hebrew


  • תורה שבעל-פה

    • Who Uses This

      • Religious: Jews who are engaged in religious observance and have some Jewish education


      • North America


      • The Joys of Hebrew, by Lewis Glinert (New York, 1992).

      Alternative Spellings

      Torah shebe'al pe, Torah shebeal pe, Torah shebeal peh, Torah sheba'al peh, Torah sheba'al pe, Torah shebaal pe, Torah shebaal peh


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