daled amos of halacha

Alternative Spellings

dalet ames of halocheh, daled ames of halocheh, dalet amos of halochoh, daled amos of halochoh, dalet ames of halachah, daled ames of halachah, dalet amos of halachah, daled amos of halachah, dalet amot of halachah, daled amot of halachah, dalet ames of halokhe, daled ames of halokhe, dalet amos of halokho, daled amos of halokho, dalet ames of halakha, daled ames of halakha, dalet amos of halakha, daled amos of halakha, dalet amot of halakha, daled amot of halakha, dalet ames of haloche, daled ames of haloche, dalet amos of halocho, daled amos of halocho, dalet ames of halacha, daled ames of halacha, dalet amos of halacha, dalet amot of halacha, daled amot of halacha, dalet ames shel halokheh, daled ames shel halokheh, dalet amos shel halokhoh, daled amos shel halokhoh, dalet ames shel halakhah, daled ames shel halakhah, dalet amos shel halakhah, daled amos shel halakhah, dalet amot shel halakhah, daled amot shel halakhah, dalet ames shel halocheh, daled ames shel halocheh, dalet amos shel halochoh, daled amos shel halochoh, dalet ames shel halachah, daled ames shel halachah, dalet amos shel halachah, daled amos shel halachah, dalet amot shel halachah, daled amot shel halachah, dalet ames shel halokhe, daled ames shel halokhe, dalet amos shel halokho, daled amos shel halokho, dalet ames shel halakha, daled ames shel halakha, dalet amos shel halakha, daled amos shel halakha, dalet amot shel halakha, daled amot shel halakha, dalet ames shel haloche, daled ames shel haloche, dalet amos shel halocho, daled amos shel halocho, dalet ames shel halacha, daled ames shel halacha, dalet amos shel halacha, daled amos shel halacha, dalet amot shel halacha, daled amot shel halacha, daled amot of halakhah, dalet amot of halakhah, daled amos of halakhah, dalet amos of halakhah, daled ames of halakhah, dalet ames of halakhah, daled amos of halokhoh, dalet amos of halokhoh, daled ames of halokheh, dalet ames of halokheh


  • "The four walls of the law" (Glinert)

Example Sentences

  • "After his year of globe-trotting, Jerry's decided to go to yeshiva and sit a while within the daled amot shel halacha." (Glinert)
  • "As a person who has studied their entire life in the daled amos shel halacha and can't tell you how much I gained from your seforim." (http://zootorah.com/controversy/praise.html)
  • "There is no safe place in the world except the daled amos shel Halocho." (https://vosizneias.com/2009/01/05/toulouse-france-two-cars-with-explosives-launched-at-synagogue/)
  • "However, just as the Shechinah has never left the Kotel HaMaaravi, so too the Shechinah has never left the ‘daled amos of halacha’, the area of Torah study." (https://torah.org/torah-portion/parsha-insights-5757-terumah-2/)
  • "it has always been up to the individual beis, and mikvah, to determine who they would convert…and, within the daled amos of halacha, al pi darcho what would be the individual’s road to Yiddishkeit." (https://vosizneias.com/2015/08/16/shoham-israel-rabbi-stav-gets-police-protection-following-threats-after-the-launch-of-giur-khalacha/)

Languages of Origin

Textual Hebrew, English


דלת עמות של הלכה dalet amot shel halakha 'four cubits of the law', the Hebrew preposition של shel is often replaced by its English translation, 'of'.

Who Uses This

Orthodox: Jews who identify as Orthodox and observe halacha (Jewish law)


North America


The Joys of Hebrew, by Lewis Glinert (New York, 1992).

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