Alternative Spellings

hoshesh, choyshesh, hoyshesh, chosheish, hosheish, choysheish, hoysheish, chosheysh, hosheysh, choysheysh, hoysheysh, choshaysh, hoshaysh, choyshaysh, hoyshaysh


  • To worry, to have a fear, to be concerned

Example Sentences

  • "If You Are Choshesh for GeBrochts You MUST be Choshesh that Youir Matza is Chamets" (
  • "We don't Pasken like Rebbi Meir, but rather like Rav Huna's version of the Beraisa that the Chachamim say we write the Shtar because we are not Choshesh for a Beis Din To'im." (
  • "He brings that R Chaim was choshesh for the shitta of the Magen Avraham in OC 14 and 649 that l’chatchila only a bar chiyuva can make tzitzis or put s'chach on or even tie the lulav together." (
  • "Being that we don’t see a sakanah today, we only have to be chosheish exactly as it’s brought down." (
  • "He says that we have to be chosheish for the chumras of both opinionstherefore in all of the above 3 nafkah mina cases we have to view the knot in the morestrict way." (

Languages of Origin

Textual Hebrew


חושש choshesh 'worry, concern'

Who Uses This

Orthodox: Jews who identify as Orthodox and observe halacha (Jewish law)


North America



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