Alternative Spellings

emese, emet


  • Truth, true
  • "In accordance with the truth: True" (Weiser)

Example Sentences

  • "We all witnessed and saw the emes of Moshe Emes v’Toraso emes in all the Rebbe’s words and campaigns." (https://www.chabadofla.com/templates/blog/default_cdo/aid/1073582/year/2018/month/11)
  • "The odd story turned out to be emes." (Weiser)
  • "An Emese talmid chacham usually has outstanding midos as well." (Weiser)
  • "Dinner really costs $95 a person? Emet?" (JPS)

Languages of Origin

Textual Hebrew


אמת emet (emes in Yiddish) 'truth, true'

Who Uses This

Religious: Jews who are engaged in religious observance and have some Jewish education
Orthodox: Jews who identify as Orthodox and observe halacha (Jewish law)


North America


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Frumspeak: The First Dictionary of Yeshivish, by Chaim Weiser (Northvale, 1995).
The JPS Dictionary of Jewish Words, by Joyce Eisenberg and Ellen Scolnic, (Philadelphia, 2001)


"The word embodies a larger principle of speaking the truth, dealing honestly, and acting properly... When used colloquially, emet or emes is similar to 'Are you putting me on?' or 'Is that the truth?'" (JPS).

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