es gezunterheyt

Alternative Spellings

es gezunterheit, es gezunterhayt, ess gezunterheyt, ess gezunterheit, ess gezunterayt


  • Eat in good health, similar to bon appétit

Example Sentences

  • "Why did the Belzer Rebbe say to him es gezunterheit? It was not kosher what he was eating." (
  • "Just as your great-grandmother may have said to your grandparents to 'Ess gezunterheit,' she would want you to eat in good health, too." (
  • "In any case to those that wish to make chremslech I say "ess gezunterheit mit a guten apetit"" (
  • Enjoy your pasta, es gezunterheyt

Languages of Origin



עס געזונטערהייט es gezunterheyt 'eat in health', gezunterheyt from געזונט, meaning healthy.

Who Uses This

Ashkenazim: Jews with Ashkenazi heritage


North America



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