halakhic egalitarian (ha-LAH-khic ee-gal-ih-TAIR-ee-yin) listen


  • n. A type of prayer group, service, community, or personal practice where people of all genders participate fully and equally in prayer services or other ritual functions (particularly women also performing rituals traditionally ascribed to men), while maintaining an adherence to traditional halachic practice, and seeing the egalitarian aspects of practice as harmonious with halacha.

Example Sentences

  • "I tend to prefer halakhic-egalitarian davening over Conservative davening."

  • "My current Jewish practice is overall halakhic egalitarian."

  • "Ethan Tucker considers the fundamental questions for building a halakhic, egalitarian Judaism." (source)

  • "The meeting was dedicated to two passages in the document, one that delineated the process by which the synagogue can change its halakhic 'status quo' regarding women's participation, and one that described the synagogue as 'halakhic-egalitarian' rather than 'Orthodox.'" (source)

  • "Even most of my halakhic egalitarian friends have avoided wearing one, being unable to shake the connection to masculinity." (source)

  • "But that's okay, halakhic-egal Judaism has had female rabbis for twenty-some years, but it only just got a Torah scribe." (source)

  • "It's how I grew up in my Conservative synagogue, and I miss it, whether I'm davening in MO shuls or halakhic egal minyanim." (source)

Languages of Origin

  • English

Who Uses This

  • Religious: Jews who are engaged in religious observance and have some Jewish education
  • Younger: Jews in their 30s or younger


  • North America


  • None

Alternative Spellings



  • Often abbreviated as "halakhic egal", "halachic egal", "halakhic-egal", or "halachic-egal".

    See also traditional-egalitarian.

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