traditional-egalitarian (truh-DIH-shuh-nuhl ee-GAH-lih-TA-ree-ehn) listen
trad egal (trad EE-gal) listen


  • n. A type of prayer group, service, community, or personal practice where people of all genders participate fully and equally in prayer services or other ritual functions (particularly women also performing rituals traditionally ascribed to men), while maintaining an adherence to traditional halachic practice.

Example Sentences

  • I tend to prefer traditional-egalitarian davening over Conservative davening.

  • "Please join us for our Traditional Egalitarian Format Service, held on the third-Saturday-of every month at 10:00 AM." (source)

  • My current Jewish practice is overall traditional egalitarian.

  • "An independent traditional egalitarian community in Northern Manhattan" (source)

  • "In addition, there are trad-egal mincha and ma’ariv services every day, all the food is supervised by an on-site mashgiach, and there is an eruv on Shabbat." (source)

  • "I recently attended traditional-egalitarian (“trad-egal” in Jewspeak shorthand) Shabbat services at Brandeis University." (source)

  • " partnership with Park Slope’s Congregation Beth Elohim, and Shir Hamaalot (a trad-egal prayer group) hosted by the reform Union Temple in Prospect Heights." (source)

  • "I'm looking for a conservative, Masorti, or general trad-egal shul in D.C. this Shabbos! Any recommendations?"

Languages of Origin

  • English

Who Uses This

  • Religious: Jews who are engaged in religious observance and have some Jewish education
  • Younger: Jews in their 30s or younger


  • North America


  • None

Alternative Spellings

traditional egalitarian


  • Often seen as between Modern Orthodox Judaism and Conservative Judaism, in that the care towards traditional halacha is on par with many Modern Orthodox Jews, but also has the egalitarian aspects of Conservative Judaism.

    Often abbreviated as "trad egal" or "trad-egal".

    See also halakhic-egalitarian.

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