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  • Aibishter

    n. God, lit. "supreme one" or "the one above"

  • beck

    n. Young, materialistic, shallow person.

  • Borscht Belt

    n. Region in the Catskill Mountains with many summer resorts frequented by Jews, especially in the mid twentieth century.

  • boydem

    n. Attic.

  • cement mixer

    n. Non-Jewish woman.

  • dos

    n. A derogatory term for ultra-Orthodox/Haredi Jews, common in Israel.

  • gaveta

    n. Locker behind the synagogue seat.

  • hachnosas kallah

    n. Charitable support for poor young women to get married.

  • Hafgana

    n. Demonstration, protest.

  • hashgacha

    n. Divine providence, interference, attention.

  • kimmel

    n. "Kimmel bread" is rye bread with caraway seeds on top.

  • Mishneh Torah

    n. A 12th-century code of religious law in fourteen parts written by Moses Maimonides.

  • moserim

    n. Informers.

  • vig

    n. The commission one receives for conducting a transaction, usually gambling or drug deals, but can also be used in day-to-day transactions.