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  • A Dio

    interj. "My God!"

  • asina

    adv., interj. Just like this/that, thus, in this manner. Such, even if.

  • ben adam

    n. A human being.

  • Bivas

    interj. Life! Said upon hearing someone sneeze.

  • bragas

    n. Underwear.

  • braggas

    n. Underwear.

  • Buenas semanas

    (sentence) Have a good week / what one says after making havdallah.

  • De carne

    adj. Meaty / fleshing.

  • De queso

    adj. Dairy / milchig / cheesy.

  • Escapamiento bueno

    (sentence) May the results be good - said upon hearing of a pregnancy / before giving birth

  • Hanukkah Alegre

    interj. Happy hannukah!

  • justo

    adj. True, right.

  • kahal

    n. (The people of) a Jewish community.

  • kapara

    n. [The relatively minor mishap should be] an Atonement [for my/our/your sins, rather than something more serious.]

  • lonso

    n. Stupid person, bear.

  • Munchos y buenos

    Many good ones (with good health). Said for a birthday, anniversary or other happy occasion.

  • pishkado i limon

    Literally 'fish and lemon'. Used when trying to change the subject, normally when the topic of conversation is inappropriate (e.g., talking about business on Shabbat, talking about a deceased person)

  • Purim Alegre

    Happy Purim!

  • Salud y vida

    Have health and long life! Said in response to Buenas semanas / Shavua tov.

  • Si kiere El Dyo

    (Literally) If it is God's will -An expression that nothing is certain, or completely in our hands -a mild expression of doubt, like "If it turns out that way"