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  • achdut

    n. "Sense of common purpose fostering harmony: unity, solidarity." (Weiser)

  • achrayut

    n. "Obligation, financial or personal, to others: burden." (Weiser)

  • ad kan

    interj. "Expression used to induce cessation of activity or behavior: knock it off." (Weiser)

  • avade

    Of course. / Obviously!

  • b'emet

    "As a matter of fact." (Weiser); "Really?"

  • baal gaavah

    "conceited person" (Steinmetz)

  • balabotish

    "Quiet; respectable; well mannered" (Rosten). "middle class"; normal

  • batlan

    "Someone without a trade or regular means of livelihood" (Rosten).

  • bekitzur

    "Briefly or concisely: succinctly" (Weiser)

  • bichlal

    in any way, entirely, in general, altogether

  • bochur

    young unmarried male, especially a yeshiva student

  • bring down

    cite or reference

  • broiges

    angry, annoyed (adj.)

  • by

    at [a location], at the house of, with, among, according to the opinion of, at [an event, time of year] (in addition to Standard English near).

  • chacham

    wise, learned person; genius

  • chap

    "to comprehend" (Weiser) (lit. "to grasp")

  • chazer

    "go over; review" (Weiser)

  • chazir

    1. pork 2. a pig, greedy person (JPS)

  • chidush

    innovative idea; an insight; discovery; novelty

  • chutzpah

    guts (positive)