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  • abba

    n. Father, dad, daddy.

  • abi gezunt

    interj. "As long as you're healthy [you can be happy]."

  • acharon acharon chaviv

    adv. Last but not least.

  • achdut

    n. "Sense of common purpose fostering harmony: unity, solidarity." (Weiser)

  • achrayut

    n. "Obligation, financial or personal, to others: burden." (Weiser)

  • aderaba

    adv. "By all means, certainly." (Weiser)

  • al regel achat

    lit. "on one foot"; off-the-cuff; "To answer a question or deal with a query very briefly and cursorily." (Glinert)

  • aleph-bet

    "A name for the Hebrew alphabet" (JPS)

  • aliyah

    "calling to the reading of the Torah" (Glinert)

  • alter bocher

    a man that is too old not to be married

  • am haaretz

    Bumpkin, ignoramus, uneducated person

  • apikoros

    heretic, non-believer, especially one with great knowledge of Judaism

  • arbes

    Boiled chickpeas

  • aroisgevorfene gelt

    "a waste of money"; lit., thrown out money.

  • avade

    Of course. / Obviously!

  • aveil

    "Someone who is in mourning" (Glinert).

  • averah

    religious transgression (Glinert: "An aveirah is an infringement on the Torah, the opposite of a mitzvah.")

  • ayin hara

    The evil eye

  • azoy

    So, thus

  • b'vakasha

    JPS: "Literally, 'please'. It can be used in various ways, including "please go ahead" and at the end of a sentence as 'you're welcome'."