• Refers to members of the Jewish population who are not involved with a synagogue or other Jewish community organizations.

Example Sentences

  • "This organization mainly reaches out to unaffiliated Jews."
  • "The choice of the term, 'Unaffiliated,' reflects the importance that Jews attach to formal belonging. Whereas certain religious systems place a premium upon faith – hence, terms referencing belief or the lack thereof – Jews emphasize communal ties, with belief and even behavior of secondary importance." -- "Jewishly Engaged & Congregationally Unaffiliated: The Holy Grail of Jewish Engagement Efforts," Steven M. Cohen, 9/19/2012

Languages of Origin


Who Uses This

Organizations: People involved in a professional or volunteer capacity with Jewish nonprofit organizations


North America




The term "unaffiliated Jews" in its current sense was in use as early as 1913. See "The Advocate: America's Jewish Journal," Volume 45, p. 391, 1913.

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