Alternative Spellings

t'nay, tinay, tanay, t'nai, tinai, tanai, tenay, tnoi, tenoi, tanoi, t'noi, tinoi, tnai, tnay


  • "A condition of circumstance upon which a certain effect is predicated: Stipulation" (Weiser).
  • (pl. form tenaim only, used as sg.) "The original prenuptial contract, the tenaim dates from the 12th century. It is the detailed dowry and other financial arrangements, the date of the wedding, and the penalty if anyone backed out. Some traditional and Hasidic Jews still prepare a tenaim and read it aloud at an engagement party or sign it before the wedding ceremony, at the same time the ketubbah is signed" (JPS).
  • A condition, especially one made as part of an agreement.
  • (pl. form tenaim only, used as sg) "A traditional name for an engagement party" (JPS)

Example Sentences

  • "It is preferable to make a tenai (condition) before printing or copying divrei Torah." (https://www.ok.org/kosherspirit/spring-2008/mountains-of-shaimos/)
  • "For my tastes, he has too many tnoim for giving a ride." (Weiser)
  • "Guess what! The rabbi's daughters' getting married. They held tnoim last night." (Glinert)

Languages of Origin



תנאי tenai 'condition, second'

Who Uses This

Orthodox: Jews who identify as Orthodox and observe halacha (Jewish law)


North America


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pl. tnaim, tenaim, tna'im, teno'im teno'im, tnoim, tno'im, etc. "The phrase 'al tnai' precedes a conjunction and denotes: On The Condition, i.e., 'You can have a ride a tnai that you sit in the back, pay the tolls, don't smoke, and leave your windows up'" (Weiser).

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