Example Sentences

  • The Itchies pray at that synagogue.

Languages of Origin

  • Yiddish


  • Likely from Syrian Jews' hearing and repeating the word 'Yiddish', perhaps influenced by the Yiddish name Itshe.

    • Who Uses This

      • Syrian: Jews with recent ancestry in Syria


      • North America


      • None

      Alternative Spellings

      Itshie, Itchie, Itshy, Idtchy


  • The most common theory about the origin of this word: When Syrian Jews immigrated to America in the early 1900’s they were asked by their Ashkenazi counterparts if they spoke Yiddish/Idish. Syrian Jews then used the word "Yiddish" to refer to Ashkenazim, changing its pronunciation slightly. Another theory is that the word is based on the common Ashkenazi name Itshe/Itshy, derived from Yitzchak.

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