hot dairy (out) / cold dairy (out)


  • a standard of kashrut held by some non-Orthodox Jews, which allows certain foods but not others to be eaten in non-kosher restaurants; "cold dairy" refers to unheated non-meat products such as a bagel with cream cheese, cold cereal, salads, or cottage cheese, while "hot dairy" refers to cooked dishes containing vegetables, fish or dairy.

Example Sentences

  • Do you eat hot dairy out? Or only cold?
  • "Jews that eat hot dairy out, however, must still be careful about what they order" (Deutsch and Saks, Jewish American Food Culture, p. 65).

Languages of Origin


Who Uses This

Religious: Jews who are engaged in religious observance and have some Jewish education


North America




While no halachic authority has given general permission to eat hot food cooked in non-kosher restaurants, hot dairy out is a fairly common working standard among otherwise observant but non-Orthodox Jews. Among modern Orthodox Jews, cold (and even hot) dairy out was once a working standard, but most modern Orthodox communities now frown on those who eat out in any restaurant not under active Rabbinical supervision.

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