b'sha'ah tovah

Alternative Spellings

b'sha'a tova, b'sha-ah tovah, beshaa tova


  • Literally "at a good hour." All in good time. Good luck. Response to a pregnancy announcement--meaning may all go well.

Example Sentences

  • "My Urban Kvetch wishes her a refuah shlemah and a b'sha'ah tovah" (http://estherkustanowitz.typepad.com/page/105/)

Languages of Origin

Modern Hebrew


בשעה טובה

Who Uses This

Religious: Jews who are engaged in religious observance and have some Jewish education


North America


The Joys of Hebrew, by Lewis Glinert (New York, 1992).


Modern Hebrew version of Yiddish "in a guter sho" or "in a mazeldiker sho"

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