Alternative Spellings

bay, bei


  • at [a location], at the house of, with, among, according to the opinion of, at [an event, time of year] (in addition to Standard English near).

Example Sentences

  • “I’ve been waiting by [at] the bus station 45 minutes already”
  • “Things they’ve seen by their parents.”
  • “Who’s Reb Yehuda holding by?”
  • “I pasken [rule halachically] by him.”
  • "We're eating by Feldman this Shabbos."
  • “I just saw her by the rehearsal.”

Languages of Origin

Yiddish, English


Yiddish preposition בײַ bay/ba 'at, near, with'

Who Uses This

Orthodox: Jews who identify as Orthodox and observe halacha (Jewish law)
Younger: Jews in their 30s or younger


North America, Great Britain


Frumspeak: The First Dictionary of Yeshivish, by Chaim Weiser (Northvale, 1995).


Very common among Orthodox Jews, including ba'alei teshuva. Research shows that younger Orthodox Jews are more likely to use this than older Orthodox Jews.

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