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  • Av

    n. The eleventh month of the Jewish calendar (or fifth if counting from Nisan).

  • chas v'chalila

    interj. "Heaven forbid" (Steinmetz's Yiddish and English dictionary).

  • chutz la'aretz

    n. Outside of Israel; the disapora, lit. "outside the land."

  • Diaspora Jew

    n. A Jew living in the Jewish Diaspora, as opposed to one living within the State of Israel.

  • Eretz Yisroel

    n. Israel.

  • hummusiya

    n. "[A]n eatery that specializes in serving hummus as a main dish (often the only dish)" (source).

  • limonana

    n. Mint lemonade.

  • madrich

    n. Youth counselor or supervisor.

  • oleh

    n. Immigrant to Israel; a person who makes aliyah.

  • Yom Ha'atzmaut

    n. Israeli Independence Day.

  • yom huledet sameach

    interj. "Happy birthday!"

  • Zionism

    n. "A worldwide political movement that worked toward the establishment of a Jewish homeland" (JPS).

  • Zionist

    n. A supporter of Zionism, i.e. a person who believes that the Jewish people has the right to a Jewish state in the land of Israel.