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  • antisemitism

    n. Hatred against Jews.

  • Chabad

    an outreach-oriented branch of Hasidic Judaism that follows the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Chabad has thousands of branches around the world, including at many college campuses.

  • fatootsed

    enervated, played out, knackered, terminally fatigued

  • Hillel

    an organization for Jewish college life, especially in North America

  • hoo-ha

    interjection of admiration or astonishment

  • Knesset

    Israel's parliament

  • kosher

    "acceptable according to Jewish [ritual] law" (JPS); "trustworthy, reliable" (Rosten); acceptable according to dietary laws

  • seder

    order, orderliness, system, routine

  • Shabbat

    The Jewish Sabbath; Saturday

  • shtum

    quiet, voiceless, mute

  • yid

    a Jewish person