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  • abba

    father, dad, daddy

  • achla

    (slang) adjective, interjection: awesome, excellent, great, the best

  • achshav

    Now, immediately

  • ad me'ah v'esrim

    [may you/he/she live] "until a hundred and twenty" -- often used as a birthday wish for long life, or when mentioning a person who is getting on in years.

  • Adar

    The sixth month of the Jewish calendar year.

  • adloyada

    A Purim carnival.

  • al regel achat

    lit. "on one foot"; off-the-cuff; "To answer a question or deal with a query very briefly and cursorily." (Glinert)

  • aliyah

    "calling to the reading of the Torah" (Glinert)

  • Am Yisrael

    "Literally, The People of Israel." (JPS)

  • amud

    page (in a prayerbook)

  • Arava

    "The dry lowland area of the eastern Negev, often called the Aravah Vallet" (JPS)

  • Av

    "The fifth month in the Jewish calendar, it usually corresponds to July or August" (JPS).

  • ayzeh bahsa

    What a misfortune, how unfortunate, bummer

  • b'emet

    "As a matter of fact." (Weiser); "Really?"

  • b'vakasha

    JPS: "Literally, 'please'. It can be used in various ways, including "please go ahead" and at the end of a sentence as 'you're welcome'."

  • balagan

    "a disorderly, confusing, and/or overwhelming situation" (Glinert)

  • baruch haba


  • bechiya ledorot

    "A cause for eternal regret" (Glinert)

  • beineinu

    between us

  • beit cafe

    coffee house