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  • abus

    interj. "Cute!"

  • achla

    (slang) adj. or interj. Awesome, excellent, great, the best.

  • almemar

    the platform on which the Torah is read in synagogue; the bima

  • ayzeh bahsa

    What a misfortune, how unfortunate, bummer

  • Dahak

    A joke. Or someone or something who is funny.

  • dugree

    Direct, unvarnished, uneuphemistic

  • Hadeed


  • hajj

    to stop, "enough" (slang), not in the mood

  • hamsa

    a hand-shaped amulet (often a wall-hanging or jewelry) conferring good luck or protection, popular in Israel and originally from the Middle East / North Africa

  • Jidoh


  • knis

    Synagogue, Syrian word for 'shul'

  • mabrouk

    an expression of joyous congratulation used by Sephardi Jews equivalent to "Mazal tov!"

  • sababa

    Awesome. Cool.

  • schug

    "A Middle Eastern spicy sauce made from fresh hot peppers seasoned with coriander, garlic, and various spices" (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/zhug#English)

  • shawarma

    Thinly cut meat (usually lamb, but may be chicken, beef, or other meat) cooked on a vertical rotating spit. Often served on a laffa (large pita type bread, but flat like a pizza dough and without a pocket) and with French fries ("chips" in Israel). Sometimes served on pita.

  • shoo

    An emphatic "what!?"

  • swanee

    a table or tray of gifts for a bride-to-be from the groom's family; the accompanying gathering prior to the wedding where those gifts are presented.

  • tahini

    "A creamy paste made from ground sesame seeds" (JPS)

  • yala

    "let's go"

  • zatar

    an Israeli spice mixture made from oregano, basil, thyme, and savory