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  • anticirc

    Growing movement of Jews and non-Jews who are opposed to circumcision.

  • antisemitism

    Hatred against Jews.

  • b mitzvah

    the gender-neutral equivalent of a bar or bat mitzvah (used to be inclusive of genderfluid or nonbinary children)

  • BCE

    Before the Common Era (used in place of B.C.). Steinmetz: "...recently, a new awareness of the Christian character of these abbreviations have led many Jewish writers and editors to replace them with [C.E. And B.C.E.]"

  • Be well

    Closing to a letter or conversation: Take care, be healthy

  • Borscht Belt

    region in the Catskill Mountains with many summer resorts frequented by Jews, especially in the mid twentieth century

  • Bujew

    a Jew who practices Buddhism; a Jew interested in Eastern spirituality

  • Conservative Judaism

    originally known as "historical positive Judaism," a denomination that combines observance with an idea of "halachic process." See further comments below.

  • Diaspora

    "The term for Jewish communities and their residents who live outside of the State of Israel" (JPS).

  • from your mouth to God's ears

    response to a good wish or blessing that mentions future events: I want that to happen, but I'm not sure it will.

  • Hagiographa

    The formal English name of the Ketuvim, usually translated as "the Writings."

  • JAP

    Jewish American Princess

  • JDate

    A popular dating site for Jewish singles.

  • Land of Israel

    not just the state of Israel but the physical place

  • Maimonidean

    Having to do with Maimonides, the Jewish rabbi, physician and scholar who lived in the 12th century

  • matzoh ball

    dumpling made with matzah meal and eggs and generally served in chicken soup

  • nice Jewish boy

    Jewish male, in pop culture it often indicates nebbishy traits and lack of traditional masculinity

  • no-goodnik

    bad person, scoundrel (sometimes humorous or affectionate)

  • noodge

    verb: bore, pester, nag

  • Reform

    a Jewish movement founded on principles of the Jewish Enlightenment (Haskalah), which rejected the binding nature of the Law and attempted to concentrate on the prophetic message; it is now the largest movement in the United States, and has an additional 1 million adherents worldwide.