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  • anticirc

    Growing movement of Jews and non-Jews who are opposed to circumcision.

  • Ashkenormative

    Assuming that all Jews are Ashkenazi, not considering Jews with other backgrounds.

  • bageling

    identifying another person as a Jew

  • barmy

    bar mitzvah

  • beck

    young, materialistic, shallow person

  • Bujew

    a Jew who practices Buddhism; a Jew interested in Eastern spirituality

  • by

    at [a location], at the house of, with, among, according to the opinion of, at [an event, time of year] (in addition to Standard English near).

  • cashew

    a person of Catholic and Jewish heritage

  • egal

    adj. describing a non-Orthodox Jewish prayer group or service in which men and women can participate equally and a mechitzah (boundary separating women from men) is not used.

  • flip out

    When a Modern Orthodox post-high-school student becomes more religiously observant during or after a gap year at a yeshiva/seminary.

  • halakhic-egalitarian

    A type of prayer group, service, community, or personal practice where people of all genders participate fully and equally in prayer services or other ritual functions (particularly women also performing rituals traditionally ascribed to men), while maintaining an adherence to traditional halachic practice, and seeing the egalitarian aspects of practice as harmonious with halacha.

  • heeb

    slang term used to describe a Jewish person

  • Hinjew

    a Jewish person of Indian origin or a person with mixed Jewish and Indian ancestry

  • J.E.R.K

    Jewish Educated Religious Kid

  • JalapeƱo Bagel

    A person of Hispanic (non-Jewish) and Jewish origins.

  • JBA

    Jew by Association

  • Jew Bub

    "Jewish Bubble"; the network of Jewish organizations and social circles in which Jews interact mostly with other Jews

  • Jew crew

    group of Jews who hang out together

  • Jewdar

    ability to detect individuals' Jewishness (on analogy with "gaydar" and ultimately "radar")

  • Jewfro

    a large, frizzy hairstyle, sported by Jewish men (on analogy with "afro")