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  • answer up

    v. Counter, retort.

  • black hat

    n. Haredi; describing people or traditions of the right end of the Orthodox continuum, encompassing Hasidic and non-Hasidic (or just non-Hasidic) Orthodox Jews, of whom the men wear black hats

  • bring down

    v. Cite or reference.

  • BT

    n. Ba'al teshuva, returnee to faith, Jew who chose to become Orthodox.

  • by

    prep. At [a location], at the house of, with, among, according to the opinion of, at [an event, time of year] (in addition to Standard English near).

  • collect

    v. Gather funds or fundraise for an institution.

  • daled amos of halacha

    n. Idiomatically, "the four walls of the law" (Glinert).

  • eats out

    v. Describes willingness of otherwise kosher-observant person to eat in non-supervised restaurant; connotation is that they will not eat non-kosher food (meat, shellfish etc), but are not concerned about the status of food prepared in otherwise non-kosher kitchen.

  • eighteen minutes

    n. The time between licht bentschen (prescribed candle-lighting time before Shabbat or yontif) and shkiah (sunset, which begins Shabbat or yontif), during which it is traditional to light candles.

  • FFB

    n., adj. Short for "frum from birth." Refers to someone who grew up in a religious home, the opposite of a BT (ba'al teshuvah) who became religious as an adult.

  • FFT

    n., adj. 'Frum from Tuesday' - a satire on 'FFB'. Denotes a very recent BT, usually someone who has not mastered the rituals / social cues of Orthodox practice.

  • flip out

    v. When a Modern Orthodox post-high-school student becomes more religiously observant during or after a gap year at a yeshiva/seminary.

  • G-d

    n. The way that some religious Jews write God, to avoid writing the full word.

  • glatt

    adj., adv. Super-kosher (not only of food), or acceptable to the Haredi community.

  • Half Shabbas

    n. Describes Sabbath observance by someone (usually a teenager) who observes Shabbat in every respect - except one: they text/SMS/tweet on Shabbat (or use other digital communication). May extend to using other electronic/digital devices as well (e.g. tablets).

  • Harry

    n. A single, yeshivish male (see bochur) who is less culturally yeshivish than his peers.

  • hechshered

    adj. (Of a packaged food product) given a hechsher, certified kosher.

  • hold

    v. To be on the verge of.

  • inside

    adj. Dealing with a text directly .

  • J.E.R.K

    n. Jewish Educated Religious Kid.