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  • b'shalom

    adv. "In peace" (used to sign off in written correspondence).

  • Birthright

    n. A free 10-day trip to Israel for young Diaspora Jews ages 18-26. Over 400,000 Jews have been to Israel on Birthright.

  • CCAR

    n. A union of Reform Rabbis that determines pay and benefits, as well as who can work at Reform movement-affiliated synagogues.

  • CJLS

    n. A committee of Conservative Rabbis that meets semi-yearly to review t'shuvot (halachic proposals).

  • continuity

    n. An objective, often expressed in response to rising rates of interfaith marriage, to ensure that Judaism is transmitted from one generation to the next.

  • convener

    n. An organization that brings people or organizations together.

  • day school

    n. Jewish grade school, where students learn both Jewish and secular subjects. "The general name given to private Jewish schools" in the United States and Canada (JPS).

  • Diaspora Jew

    n. A Jew living in the Jewish Diaspora, as opposed to one living within the State of Israel.

  • engagement

    n. The degree to which an individual is active in or affiliated with a Jewish communal activity or organization, or to which a Jewish institution encourages such activity.

  • ever-dying people

    n. Reference to Simon Rawidowicz quote that Jews have long seen themselves in danger of decline.

  • federation

    n. A local Jewish philanthropy which raises and distributes funds for social welfare, social services and educational needs in local communities and overseas, especially Israel.

  • give/get

    n. The amount of money that a board member of an organization is responsible to contribute, either by a personal donation ("give") or by the member's individual fundraising ("get").

  • Jew Bub

    n. "Jewish Bubble"; the network of Jewish organizations and social circles in which Jews interact mostly with other Jews.

  • Jewish geography

    n. A "game" in which Jews attempt to identify common friends or acquaintances.

  • Jewish professional

    n. An employee, excluding support staff, of an institution, including a synagogue, non-profit organization, and school, specifically or largely devoted to a Jewish cause or agenda.

  • Jews of Color

    n. A pan-ethnic term that identifies Jews who are not white. It generally includes Jews who are Black, Asian, Latino/a/x, Native American, mixed race, and it sometimes also includes Jews with ancestry in the Middle East and North Africa.

  • lay leader

    n. A member of the board of directors for a Jewish non-profit organization.

  • mission

    n. An organized trip meant to expose participants to the work of a nonprofit organization, raise awareness of a cause, and/or deliver supplies or services to a deserving population. Unlike the Christian use of the word "mission," Jewish missions do not signify a proselytizing motive.

  • OO

    n. Abbreviation for Open Orthodoxy or Open Orthodox.

  • Open Orthodox

    n. A breakaway movement to the left of Modern Orthodoxy, declared outside of acceptable Orthodox boundaries by most mainstream Orthodox rabbis.