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  • achla

    adj. or interj. Awesome, excellent, great, the best.

  • achshav

    adv. Now, immediately.

  • ad me'ah v'esrim

    interj. "[May you/he/she live] until a hundred and twenty."

  • aruchat boker

    n. Breakfast.

  • ayzeh bahsa

    interj. What a misfortune, how unfortunate, bummer.

  • basari

    adj. Refers to foods that contain meat as well as utensils and dishes used to cook, serve, and eat meat.

  • beineinu

    adj. Between us.

  • beit cafe

    n. Coffee house.

  • boker or

    interj. Literally, "morning light". said in response to "boker tov."

  • boker tov

    interj. "Good morning."

  • Breslover

    n. A follower of the Hasidic branch of Judaism that adheres to the teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, the great-grandson of the Baal Shem Tov.

  • chalavi

    adj. Describes dairy foods as well as utensils and dishes used to cook, serve, and eat dairy products.

  • chalomot paz

    interj. Sweet dreams, literally "Golden dreams."

  • chalutziut

    adj. Pioneering, specifically the Chalutzim movement in the region of Palestine.

  • chanichim

    n. Campers; members of youth movement, as in Hashomer Hatzair.

  • charif

    adj. Spicy.

  • chatich

    n. A sexy man.

  • chaval

    interj. A shame; a waste; "too bad!"

  • chaval al hazman

    interj. Wow! Expression of emphasis from Israeli slang. Original meaning is also used: "waste of time."

  • chet

    n. The eighth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Often used to refer to a standing formation in the shape of the letter.