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  • Chrismukkah

    n. "Chrismukkah is a pop-culture portmanteau neologism referring to the merging of the holidays of Christianity's Christmas and Judaism's Hanukkah." (Wikipedia)

  • Diaspora Jew

    n. A Jew living in the Jewish Diaspora, as opposed to one living within the State of Israel.

  • gebakt un geshuckled

    (sentence) Baked and shaken, as in "Shake 'n Bake."

  • heeb

    n. Slang term used to describe a Jewish person.

  • JalapeƱo Bagel

    n. A person of Hispanic (non-Jewish) and Jewish origins.

  • JBA

    n. Jew by Association.

  • Jew crew

    n. Group of Jews who hang out together.

  • Jewdar

    n. Ability to detect individuals' Jewishness (on analogy with "gaydar" and ultimately "radar") .

  • Jewfro

    n. A large, frizzy hairstyle, sported by a Jewish man.

  • Jewishness

    n. Ethnic or cultural Jewish identity, as distinct from "Judaism"

  • Jewy

    n. Highly identified Jewishly, either outwardly in terms of actions and affiliations, or inwardly based on self-definition.

  • kimmel

    "kimmel bread" is rye bread with caraway seeds on top

  • M.O.T.

    "member of the tribe;" a Jew

  • member of the tribe

    non-derogitory slang term used to identify a Jewish person

  • Mizrachi

    adj. Of or relating to the culture, customs, or ancestry of Jews of Middle Eastern Origin.

  • name game

    The attempt to identify whether someone is Jewish based upon whether their name 'sounds' Jewish.

  • pizza bagel

    A person of (non-Jewish) Italian and Jewish descent.

  • shkotz

    berating term for a mischievous Jewish boy

  • shmais

    a Lubavitch news website: http://shmais.com/

  • triple-h

    good-looking Jewish female ("hot Hebrew honey")