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  • broiges

    adj. Angry, annoyed.

  • chazir

    n. Pork.

  • farshtunken(e)

    adj. Literally 'stinking' (Rosten); contemptible.

  • fress

    v. To gobble up food; to gorge oneself. "To eat quickly or noisily, like an animal." (JPS)

  • gezinta

    adj. Healthy.

  • golem

    n. "A creature of Jewish medieval folklore, a golem is a figure made into the form of a human and given life." (JPS)

  • gurnisht

    n. "Nothing, zilch, zero." (JPS)

  • hock

    v. "To bother incessantly: ANNOY." (Weiser)

  • kuntz

    n. Strategy. (Weiser)

  • madrega

    n. Level, especially spiritual level.

  • nebach

    interj., adv. "Unfortunately."

  • prost

    adj. Coarse, base, not classy, vulgar, common.

  • schnorrer

    n. A beggar, a parasite. "A moocher." (JPS)

  • shtarker

    n. A strong, stout fellow.

  • taka

    adv. Is that so? Really, actually, indeed, "in consideration of all the information available." (Weiser) (can also be used ironically.)

  • zei gezunt

    interj. Be healthy, be well; farewell!