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  • chutzpah

    n. Guts (positive).

  • heimish

    adj. At home, comfortable.

  • macher

    n. Somebody who is successful, handy, dextrous.

  • mazel

    n. Congratulations.

  • mazel tov

    interj. Congratulations [lit. "good fortune"].

  • mensch

    n. "An upright, honorable, a decent person." (Rosten)

  • meshuga

    adj. Crazy.

  • mitzvah

    n. Good deed.

  • schlep

    v. "To carry, lug." (JPS)

  • seder

    n. A ceremony involving recitations, singing, food, and drink typically associated with Passover, but also with Tu B'shvat and Rosh Hashanah.

  • shluffy

    v. [To go] to sleep (child-directed speech).

  • shmutz

    n. "Dirt, stain, or filth." (JPS)

  • shtick

    n. "Overused actions or behavior." (JPS)

  • Torah

    n. Jewish law and values in general.