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  • Av

    n. The eleventh month of the Jewish calendar (or fifth if counting from Nisan).

  • baruch haba

    interj. "Welcome!"

  • beteavon

    interj. Bon appetit; enjoy your meal; dig in. Glinert: "Literally, 'bon appetit!'"

  • Birkat Hamazon

    n. The blessing after food, referring to the four blessing Grace After Meals said after consuming bread. Referred to in many communities as "bentching," or simply as "birkat" in some Jewish summer camps.

  • chag sameach

    interj. "Literally, 'Happy Holiday.' The traditional, all-purpose greeting exchanged on almost any Jewish holiday" (JPS).

  • chinuch

    n. Jewish education.

  • madrich

    n. Youth counselor or supervisor.

  • pita

    n. A round, thin bread with a pocket, eaten plain or with filling as a sandwich.

  • rikud

    n. Dancing, especially Israeli dancing (at camp).

  • ruach

    n. Spirit, "spiritedness, morale." (JPS)

  • sheket

    interj. "Quiet!"

  • tefillah

    n. Prayer, services, or an individual prayer.

  • tzrif

    n. Cabin/bunk.