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  • broiges

    adj. Angry, annoyed.

  • chazir

    n. Pork.

  • golem

    n. "A creature of Jewish medieval folklore, a golem is a figure made into the form of a human and given life." (JPS)

  • gonif

    n. Thief.

  • madrega

    level, especially spiritual level

  • mamzer

    bastard [see note]; "A detestable [person] like the colloquial English "He's a bastard"" (Rosten)

  • mazume

    "A group of three or more adult males who join together to recite the after-meal blessings..." (Steinmetz).

  • mechuten

    In-law (http://www.pass.to/glossary/gloz2.htm#letm).

  • naches

    "Proud pleasure, special joy--particularly from the achievements of a child... 2. Psychological reward or gratification." (Rosten)

  • tam

    n. Taste, flavor (in culinary and other cultural domains)

  • tsorris

    "Troubles, woes, worries, suffering." (Rosten)

  • zitsfleysh

    lit. "sitting-flesh" : 'the ability to sit down for a long period fo time'