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  • afikomen

    a piece of matzah from the Passover seder traditionally hidden by adults, found by the children (or vice versa), and then ransomed for gifts after the meal. "The last piece of matzoh...eaten at the meal." (Steinmetz)

  • antisemitism

    Hatred against Jews.

  • bialy

    A flat breakfast roll, shaped like a round wading pool, sometimes sprinkled with onion. (Rosten)

  • burekas

    A Turkish pastry filled with potatoes, other vegetables, and sometimes cheese.

  • Diaspora

    "The term for Jewish communities and their residents who live outside of the State of Israel" (JPS).

  • gesundheit

    Health. (Bless you) - said in response to a sneeze.

  • lekvar

    prune filling

  • Reform

    a Jewish movement founded on principles of the Jewish Enlightenment (Haskalah), which rejected the binding nature of the Law and attempted to concentrate on the prophetic message; it is now the largest movement in the United States, and has an additional 1 million adherents worldwide.

  • refusenik

    Term for Soviet Jews who were not allowed to openly practice Judaism or emigrate from Soviet Union.

  • responsa

    Written decisions and legal rulings by rabbis appointed to be legal deciders.

  • spiel

    play, performance, speech. "A long, involved story or tale." (JPS)

  • wimpel

    a long, linen sash used as a binding for the Sefer Torah by Jews of German (Yekke) origin