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  • chutzpah

    n. Guts (positive).

  • goy

    n. A nation, but not the Jewish nation.

  • klezmer

    n. "Eastern European style of instrumental music." (JPS)

  • mazel tov

    interj. Congratulations [lit. "good fortune"].

  • mazume

    n. "A group of three or more adult males who join together to recite the after-meal blessings..." (Steinmetz)

  • meshuga

    adj. Crazy.

  • mitzvah

    n. Good deed.

  • shalom

    interj. Hello, goodbye, peace.

  • shiksa

    n. "1. A non-Jewish girl. 2. A housemaid. 3. An irreligious or nonobservant Jewish girl. The term is often regarded as disparaging." (Steinmetz)

  • tuches

    n. Buttocks.