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  • achdut

    n. "Sense of common purpose fostering harmony: unity, solidarity." (Weiser)

  • achrayut

    n. "Obligation, financial or personal, to others: burden." (Weiser)

  • aderaba

    adv. "By all means, certainly." (Weiser)

  • am haaretz

    n. Bumpkin, ignoramus, uneducated person.

  • aveil

    n. "Someone who is in mourning" (Glinert).

  • averah

    n. Religious transgression (Glinert: "An aveirah is an infringement on the Torah, the opposite of a mitzvah.").

  • ayin hara

    n. The evil eye.

  • baal gaavah

    n. An arrogant or conceited person.

  • balaboosta

    n. Female head of household.

  • balabos

    n. Male head of a household.

  • baruch haba

    interj. "Welcome!"

  • batlan

    n. "Someone without a trade or regular means of livelihood" (Rosten).

  • bechina

    n. Examination, particularly for rabbinic ordination.

  • bechira

    n. Free will.

  • behema

    n. A boor, an uncouth, unmannered individual.

  • bekies

    n. "Range of personal knowledge" (Weiser).

  • bitul

    n. "Contempt, disparagement" (Steinmetz).

  • bochur

    n. Young unmarried male, especially a yeshiva student.

  • broiges

    adj. Angry, annoyed.

  • chag sameach

    interj. "Literally, 'Happy Holiday.' The traditional, all-purpose greeting exchanged on almost any Jewish holiday" (JPS).