• n. Impurity.

Example Sentences

  • "Turn that video off already! Filth and tuma..." (Glinert)

  • "Rav Kook equated things which engender tuma with falsity, perversion of the ideal world which God created-- e.g. death, painful labor, menstruation, evil talk (Orot Hakodesh)." (source)

Languages of Origin

  • Textual Hebrew
  • Yiddish


  • TH טומאה tuma > Y טומאה tume

    • Who Uses This

      • Orthodox: Jews who identify as Orthodox and observe halacha (Jewish law)


      • North America


      • The Joys of Hebrew, by Lewis Glinert (New York, 1992).

      Alternative Spellings

      tumeh, tume, tumah

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