• n. The resurrection of the dead; Judaism teaches that the righteous will be resurrected when the moshiach comes.

Example Sentences

  • "There were so many people there that we haven't seen for ages—it was like techiyas ha-meysim." (Glinert)

  • "In the following halachic responsa, Rav Moshe Feinstein addresses the intriguing question: If a woman miscarries does the fetus merit being brought back to life at the time of Techiyat HaMetim?" (source)

Languages of Origin

  • Textual Hebrew


  • תחיית המתים

    • Who Uses This

      • Religious: Jews who are engaged in religious observance and have some Jewish education


      • North America


      • The Joys of Hebrew, by Lewis Glinert (New York, 1992).

      Alternative Spellings

      tekhiyat hametim, techiat hametim, tekhiat hametim, tchiat hametim, tkhiat hametim, tchiyat hametim, tkhiyat hametim, tachiyas hameysim, tachiyas hamesim, takhiyas hameysim, takhias hameysim, tachias hameysim, tachias hamesim, takhias hamesim, tkhies hameysim, tkhies hamesim, tchies hamesim, tchies hameysim

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