mugum mə


mugum mə (moo-GOOM meh) listen


  • interj. 'I said'; 'I was saying'.

Example Sentences

  • "When Miryam told me about the engagement, mugum mə, 'How could you marry him? He doesn't even have any money.'"

Languages of Origin

  • Juhuri


  • Juh. First person future tense of gufdirə (to say) + the first-person nominative pronoun mə (I). The future tense of gufdirə, especially in the first person (mugum) and the third person (mugu), is used to report speech that occurred in the past, especially in conversational Juhuri.
    Gufdirə (to say) has Persianate origins and is cognate with گُفْتَن / guftan / goftan.

    • Who Uses This

      • Juhuro: Jews with ancestry in the Caucasus region, such as Azerbaijan and Dagestan, also known as Kavkazi, Gorsky, or Mountain Jews


      • North America


      • None

      Alternative Spellings

      mugum me, мугум ме, муҝум мә, מואגואם מא


  • English equivalent: "I was like..."

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