• "To socialize aimlessly...To carry on a running commentary" (Rosten)

Example Sentences

  • "Adam and Mike are always kibbitzing at the back of the shul during davening."

Languages of Origin

  • Yiddish
  • Etymology

    • קיבעצן kíbetsn (verbal stem קיבעץ kíbets)
      • Who Uses This

      • Jews: Jews of diverse religious backgrounds and organizational involvements
      • Non-Jews: (words that have spread outside of Jewish networks)
      • Regions

      • North America
      • Dictionaries

      • The New Joys of Yiddish, by Leo Rosten and Lawrence Bush (New York, 2003[1968]).
      • Yiddish and English: A Century of Yiddish in America, by Sol Steinmetz (Tuscaloosa, 1986).
      • The JPS Dictionary of Jewish Words, by Joyce Eisenberg and Ellen Scolnic, (Philadelphia, 2001).
      • Dictionary of Jewish Usage: A Popular Guide to the Use of Jewish Terms, by Sol Steinmetz (Lanham, MD, 2005).
      • Alternative Spellings



        • Especially common among Ashkenazim. One of the few entries in Uriel Weinreich's Yiddish dictionary that uses a Jewish-English term ("kibitz") as the definition of the Yiddish word.

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