• adj. Relating to self-described "Messianic Judaism", a sect which mimics various Jewish practices but is based on the worship of Jesus as the Messiah. It is also used as an umbrella term for similar movements, such as Hebrew Roots and Lapid Judaism, with the defining characteristic being the use of (primarily Rabbinic) Jewish customs by Christians.

  • n. An adherent of any of these movements.

Example Sentences

  • "His content definitely has Messy vibes."

  • "I don't have time to argue with a Messy about this."

  • "Messies kept trying to join our group to sell their clip-on tzitzit."

Languages of Origin

  • English


  • an abbreviation of 'Messianic Jew' or 'Messianic Judaism', deliberately resembling the word 'messy' to add a mildly derogatory implication

    • Who Uses This

      • Jews: Jews of diverse religious backgrounds and organizational involvements
      • Younger: Jews in their 30s or younger


      • North America


      • None


  • Plural messies.

    Mostly used online, especially on social media platforms like Facebook. It is often in the context of "Messies" claiming to be Jewish so they can access Jewish spaces and proselytize there.

    Can also be spelled uncapitalized.

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